My first interest in hairdressing started in 2009 due to my urge to be creative in what I wanted to do. My decision to enroll in a basic school for hairdressers fell apart when I realized I wanted to be more in action, I knew there was more to learn. I started my first job as a full time junior hairdresser at Toni&Guy. This is where I truly fell in love with hairdressing and the lifestyle. After a few years of Intense training with T&G, several trips to the London Academy (England), I qualified as a Colour Technician. 

Beside a fulltime job that I had in a hair salon in The Hague, I also worked in Haarlem. Many times in the past, I accompanied my educator to fashion shows and photoshoots. I also had the chance to work at Amsterdam Fashion Week, which was an incredible experience. Education and passion is the key in our field and every time you discover and learn new procedures and techniques.The following years I absorbed everything I could learn about colouring and styling as I cooperated with different brands such as L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf professional.

When I successfully completed my training and became a Senior Technician at T&G in 2019, I decided to start working as a Self Employed hairdresser. My goal was to expertise in a completely different part in this world of hairstyling in order to become better.Being inspired by the latest fashion and following the latest trends, after 12 years in this business, I am still highly motivated. I love being able to offer the best services to my beloved customers and being creative with them. Every hairstyle is a challenge that I am willing to fulfil. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me.

-Roswitha Johanna, (Rose) (28)
-Born and raised in The Hague (The Netherlands)
-Benoah Salon, Noordeinde 51


My name is Mingus aka Tikus.

I’m a former Toni and guy technician. And in total, I’ve been in hair for about 5 years.

Starting very young at 16 I’ve always loved making someone feel most beautiful.

I live by the theory of be beautiful, feel beautiful in your own way.

I take inspiration from fashion, nature, and mostly people I see in the streets.

Besides creating hair I love creating a lot of other things like paintings and clothing.

My goal is to make you smile.

-Benoah Salon, Noordeinde 51










Hello everybody!

My name is Mabelle and I am in an internship program as I am still training to become a hairdresser.

My journey in the world of hairdressing started when I was a child, and my desire to follow this path was escalating every time I was watching fashion shows.

Working in a place with expertise hairdressers and learning different procedures day by day, triggers me, even more, to become better!

I love offering our customers the best services that can be done in order to make them feel beautiful and satisfied.  

-Benoah Salon, Noordeinde 51