The Barber RJ is a Gentle from Surinam/ Javanese really young at least (39) but felt like 30 he always said this to the customers.

He is a silence leader but on the background.

He lives in the Hague city and is also really spirituel he loves talk about that kind of stuff and of fourse about his pasion music&Food&Drinks!

He plays in a band Nplugg’d as a Guitarist but the magic starts when you enter the shop Benoah Barber.

He was go to Egypt for a cursus how to thread and take the cursus for 2 weeks and offcourse pleasure and Businesscame togehter. He start his carreer at cosmo Hairstyling at Groningen when he was 17 year and after a long way he became a part of Benoah Barbers.

A specialist in every hair type young/old doesn’t matter he gives you the best coupe what fits you!

-The Barber RJ
-Benoah Barbers, Noordeinde 51


Hello, my name is Tim and I have been working at Benoah’s for over three years.

During my studies as a hairdresser, I started my internship in order to gain more experience.

As a highly motivated and detail-oriented person, I developed my haircutting skills really fast.

After one year of intense training and several haircuts, I managed to become a passionate barber with a desire to grow and expertise more in hairdressing.

I always enjoy sharing time with my customers and make them feel like home!

It is my pleasure to offer them the perfect haircut in a friendly environment.


-Benoah Barbers, Noordeinde 51


Hello! I’m Gideon and born in 1981.

I have been cutting hair for about 6 years now, before I was a barber I was a graphic designer.

When visiting the Schorem barbers in Rotterdam it sparked my interest in cutting men’s hair, I applied for an apprenticeship and got accepted.

After that, I worked for Headcase Barbers and The Lab in The Hague.

During the corona pandemic and not being able to work I decided to go back to studying as a Front-end-developer!

Now I’m combining my 2 interests! If I’m not cutting hair or studying, I like to do mountain biking, play video games, read or take nice long hikes with my two dogs. See you soon!

-Benoah Barbers, Noordeinde 51


My name is George Rapantzikos and I came from a beautiful island of Greece.

My life here started three years ago when I decided to expertise more in the field of haircutting.

For me, being a hairstylist was and is still my passion, in which I dedicate 10 years so far.

It’s not only a scissor, a comb, and a clipper, it’s creativity, soul, and mind!

Dealing daily with different people and make them feel beautiful is an achievement that worths every effort.

-Benoah Barbers, Noordeinde 51

Hi my name is Leonard,

I’m 28 years-old, Caribbean 

roots, been cutting hair for 8 years,  I do my job with Love & Passion because I like to see that BIG Smile on my Clients Face at the end.

-Benoah Barbers, Denneweg 19

Hi, I’m Papo.


I come original from México, I moved to the Netherlands to continue my profession as a Barber, I have 8 years of experience in this business. I’ll be happy to provide my services in your next visit at the Barbershop.


See you soon.

-Benoah Barbers, Denneweg 19

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Sergio and I’ve been a barber for 15 years.

I like the social part of this job and also the creative part. I have always liked this profession and I want to get the best out of myself. It makes me happy to see customers leave the shop satisfied and return.

-Benoah Barbers, Denneweg 19