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The barbershop beard trends of 2019

Growing a beard is becoming more popular nowadays. Having a beard is considered fashionable and therefore more visible on television, movies and in daily life. The popularity of the beard makes that, there is a huge grow in barbershops. But the question that is raised with this trend is most often: which beard fits best with my face? At Benoah Barbers in The Hague they will gladly give you good advice. To give you an idea of what is trendy in 2019, a few of the most popular beard styles will be explained.

The long stub

First, we will explain the long stub. The long stub is a stubble beard with hair longer than five millimeters. This beard is a little longer than the well known 5 o’clock shadow beard. Due to the longer hair of the long stub, the face will appear to be better covered and the beard will look darker and fuller. You can grow this beard pretty fast because it will take only three to five days. The barbers at Benoah Barbers are advising this beard to men with an oval, square or diamond face shape.

The van Dyke

Secondly, we will explain the van Dyke. The van Dyke is a beard named after a famous Belgian painter, Anthony van Dyke. This beard style is known for its simplicity and for the bald jaw line. Nevertheless, it contains a moustache and hair on the chin. Therefore, it’s more a combination between a moustache and a goatee instead of a beard. But to grow this style you need at least two months of patience. The barbers at Benoah Barbers do advise this beard to men with a round face or a small chin.

The classic beard

Aside from the long stub and the van Dyke you also have to most known beard of all: the classic beard. This beard marks the transition from boy to men and is fully grown after at least three months. But note that it is important that the beard is maintained after four weeks to prevent wild growth. This ensures that the beard will grow into a well maintained shape. The barber is advising this to men with a square or oblong face.

The Garibaldi

Then last but not least we will explain the Garibaldi. The Garibaldi is a full and wide beard rounded at the end and connected with a moustache. Because this is a big beard it takes a lot of time and effort to grow one. The length of the beard must be at least 10 centimeters to be considered a Garibaldi beard. To get this beard it’s of great importance that it’s well maintained. This makes sure that the beard will grow into a nice shape in six months. Benoah Barbers is advising this beard to men with an oval or a rectangular face.

More advice

Are you curious what beard style fits you the best or do you want to know how to maintain your beard in the best way? Come and visit the barbers of Benoah Barbers  in The Hague and get a well considered advise.


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